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My friend Teresa brought me some extra salad. I set it on the floor by the table to go lock the door after they left and by the time I got back to the bags, this is the scene I found…

Want to see how we clear the snow on a suburban farm?

Okay everyone, this one is just for fun!I put the Halloween Costume on Buzzy that Red wore to our Wedding Reception (On Halloween). Apparently Buzzy thought the wings were real, but she just couldn’t get the lift…

With everyone looking for ways to cut cost these days, you’ve probably noticed that one of the most expensive items on your grocery list is laundry detergent. Check out my page Homemade Laundry Detergent to find out how to make your own from 3 simple inexpensive ingredients (plus water) and watch the video to see how easy it is.  

This was today’s activity. It took all day to clean 2 printers. Yes, that’s right 2. Mine and my parent’s printers. This is necessary because eventually with these printers, the red stops printing of prints very faded. I filmed the whole thing and made a video of how to disassemble and clean the printer and one to reassemble it.

Louis has had a rough couple of days, he has been bed ridden (actually couch) for almost a week, today was his first time seeing his girls in 3 days. Check out Louis’ journey.

I recently made a batch of soap and tried a few different moulds for some cute shapes. I used a jello mould, some old tart moulds and some candy moulds. It was a batch with oatmeal in it, so it is very thick and wasn’t ideal for filling all the nooks and crannies of the detailed moulds The one thing I learned is that candy moulds that are designed to go on a stick might not be the best option for soap moulds, but at least he looks really happy. 😉

There’s never a dull day on the Farm. This morning’s excitement was that we finally caught the animal that has been burrowing under our chicken run walls at night. I suspected a skunk because that is their M.O., but now we know for sure. Then there was moving him without getting a dose of pungent skunk juice. This video will show you how we did it.

Momma and Baby are doing well. He says securely under momma most of the time, but today he decided to poke his nose out into the world.

Big Fred is a good sized rooster, but he’s pretty small in stature compared to the 15 pound female turkeys, but he sure shows them who is boss…