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I have been posting updates to Baybay on Facebook and neglecting to do so here, so I apologize to anyone wondering how she’s doing. She took a very bad turn for the worse last Wednesday. It was my birthday and I had a whole day worth of plans scheduled. I cancelled all of my plans and stayed with her for 3 days straight. I sat on the couch with her on my chest and Louis sat at my side. He is still very dedicated. I forced fluids and liquid food with a syringe because she was not able to eat at all and couldn’t lift her head to drink. She couldn’t stand or walk and her pupils were horribly dilated. I feared the worst and figured we were just waiting for a natural end. She’s a real fighter though. I take her to bed with me every night and she […]

Click here for the recipe and directions Want to see me in action making Mini Chicken Activity Biscuits? Well, you’re in luck…

It nearly destroyed my office to get this footage, but it was worth it, I LOVE these guys!

It has only been since October 24th of last year, a mere 3 months, since Louis’ beloved Finch passed away. The wound is still fresh for him. He has a little harem of girls that he lives with now. There is his grandmother Trinity, his great Aunts Nicki B. and Luna and of course the Poopy Crew, Venus, Serena, Chessie and Baybay. He is a good Rooster to all of his girls, but he seems to have a special fondness for Baybay. She is the smallest. If you remember, Finch weighed only about ¾ of a pound. She was easily the tiniest bird we have ever had. So Baybay at just 1 pound appreciably resembles her in stature. They also shared many personality traits. Both girls carried themselves with a certain demure elegance and had a special glint in their eye when they looked at him. So it was no […]

I got so many requests for my Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Stuffed Jalapenos, that I made the video a priority. Click on the link to take you to the page on our sub-site suburban-diy . There you will find the recipe and the link to the video. Enjoy! and let me know how they turn out if you try making them!!