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For any of you that have read our mission statement, you know that hatching eggs or adding birds purely for enjoyment runs against the grain of what we are trying to accomplish here. But I’m sure you can imagine how excruciating it was for me to see all of the pictures of the cute fuzzy chickies that everyone was bringing home from the feed store or Tractor Supply. However, I have tried for almost 20 years now to ensure that the blood line of my original Silkie Roo (the Godfeather) has stayed alive. As of now we have 3 descendents of his. Louis is his grandson, but because of his stroke, he will never be able to breed again. (I will spare you the details of the mechanics necessary to even attempt that). Louis’ brother Clark is strong and healthy and so is Louis’ daughter BuzzyBee. Unfortunately we have no […]

Making homemade pasta into ravioli is not an inherently difficult activity, but it is certainly made more challenging by the little Serama hen at my feet trying to “help”. But I will not complain because Baybay finally seems to be back to her old self again.

Yesterday was amazing. The response to my latest article on Backyard Poultry Magazine was beyond overwhelming. In fact, it went viral so quickly that the traffic took out the servers at Swift Digital for a while. My readers are truly incredible! I went to bed last night with such a smile on my face. This morning I heard my husband’s alarm ring and wished him a good day. Then I promptly fell back into a very deep sleep. About 30 minutes went by and I was jarred awake by someone yelling my name. Consciousness returned like a harsh wave and I looked around to see who was there. I saw no one. I waited to see if they called again, but no sound came. My attention quickly turned to the little silkie rooster on the chair beside my bed. Leo had not been acting like his feisty self the last […]

My newest article is up! How do you weigh in on the controversial topic of Public Poultry Shaming?

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