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Introducing new chicks to a broody hen that already as a brood isn’t quite as easy as it sounds…check out Baybay’s Babies to see how it’s done.

Buzzy has a really bad habit of picking on the Poopy Crew. I think she does it because she gets a kick out of hearing them yip. I personally don’t find it as amusing. My guess is that she suffers from a sense of entitlement being the great granddaughter of the Godfeather himself. This morning after a stint in the corral with the Poopy Crew, I let her out. She followed me to the kitchen where I went back to washing dishes. I looked down at her and asked her, Buzzy why do you have to be such a bitch. She looked up and cocked her head at me with apparent curiosity. Justin standing beside me added commentary in a Buzzy voice. “Momma, what does bitch mean? Is that slang for Awesome?” Without missing a beat I told her yes Buzzy, it stands for Beautiful Intelligent Talented Charming Hen She […]

Well, this morning started off with a very harrowing experience. I was washing waterers in the kitchen sink and I could hear the chicks twittering from the living room. All the sounds seemed normal and happy, and then all of the sudden they didn’t! One of the chicks was cheeping very loudly. I waited to see if she would calm down, but she didn’t! I dropped the waterer in the sink and wiped my wet soapy hand across the legs of my jeans as I ran. I leaned over and looked in. The new little black chick was twisting her neck and thrashing around. She would stand up and twist and thrash and fall on her back. She was flopping all over the inside of the corral like this. I dropped to my knees in front of the corral (yes, dropped, there is no such thing as a graceful movement […]

I’m excited to announce that the promotional material for the upcoming gallery show that I have the privilege to be a part of is now available! It is on my photography website Upton Studios. The show is called Footprints. An Endangered Journey. You can also find that and more under the Events section of the website. Please feel free to share the information. If you would like print copies of the poster or the postcards to help me spread the word, let me know and I will see that you get them!