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Okay, so this is how it starts… You need ties for the plants in your garden. They are getting unruly. The offenders shall be dealt with swiftly. This is no land for outlaws, peace will soon be returned to your kingdom! (sorry, flashback from last night’s Game of Thrones) Soooooo anyway, you find yourself a nice long piece of knit fabric to cut into strips. ”Yes, this one shall do nicely…bwahhhh haaahaaahaaa.” Seriously, I spend too much time talking to myself. You find a flat surface…uh, I mean you clear a flat surface. You find the “good” shears, you know the ones…they don’t snag the fabric every inch or so and they have never been used to cut cardboard or baggie ties… yeah, that pair. You make the first cut into the virgin fabric…ahhhh, yes, that IS satisfying. The first couple of strips, you proceed carefully, they are all straight […]

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