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Okay, so maybe the “World’s Largest is an exaggeration, but who knows…it could be! Click Here to see the whole collection.

The first image that comes to mind is the front cover of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy because it has the words “DON’T PANIC” in large, friendly letters. That’s truly the bottom line when it comes to Avian Influenza, there is no need to panic. Still, I believe that being armed with good information and including some logical sanitation practices can make our poultry happier and healthier. Back in 2006, when there was an outbreak of the Highly Pathenogenic H5N1 strain of the Avian Flu, I wrote and delivered a lecture to some groups in my local medical community. While there are MANY important differences to the current cases of Avian Influenza in the U.S., there is a lot of information in the lecture that is completely relevant to the current state of affairs. So purely for awareness and information purposes, I revamped the presentation and uploaded here. Currently, […]

I love re-purposing things, but even I’m impressed with this find. Well out of warranty and beyond it’s commercial “useful life”, this ice freezer was being discarded as scrap. Getting it home was anything but easy, it measures over 6 feet long. Tim certainly earned his dinner this night. We really weren’t sure of the condition of the compressor, so we took a few days to test the temperatures that it achieved after we got it home. As it turned out, all it needed was some minor adjustments and a good cleaning. The one major issue was not with condition, but functionality. Because it was designed to have bags of ice stacked inside it, there wasn’t anyway of organizing food and I didn’t want to just throw everything in there and hope that I could find it when I needed it. So we put our heads together to find a […]