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Many of my followers know that we have a unique, but oddly functional family unit her at the farm. But I’m sure other of you have not heard about the unusual structure that we have at work here. There is of course me. Solidly backing me up in all life’s aspects is my steadfast husband who we refer to as the Bald Eagle, and it’s not because he has an impressive wingspread. 😉 Then this is where is gets a little weird…my ex-husband also lives here. No, he’s not just a roommate, he is an integral part of the family dynamic. It literally takes all 3 of us to run this place and we simply could not do it without him. He’s quirky and a little eccentric, but he is kind and loyal as the day is long. So, why am I telling you this? Well, he recently joined the […]

I am happy to announce that I now have a Steemit account! Because of the potential to generate some much needed revenue for our sanctuary, I will be posting most of my new content there first. Similar to when I wrote for Backyard Poultry Magazine, content with appear there first and then eventually be migrated over to our websites. So, please head on over to Steemit and be the first to see our new postings! @elsbeth-upton on Steemit