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That day made the list of worst days of my life. It also made the “Are you F@*king kidding me” list. First a little back story…we keep the wine that we are making in the downstairs bathroom in 6 gallon glass carboys and we don’t always bottle it when it’s ready. Sometimes we put a siphon in the carboy and then tuck the running end of the hose in the top of the siphon in between times when we are drawing wine out. Also, many of you know that Louis (the rooster hooch rooster) had a stroke. After almost a year he was walking again, but not well all the time. He still moves around with a sort of scrape-thump kind of gate. That morning when Tim got his coffee, the creamer bottle was empty, so he went down to the basement refrigerator to get a new bottle and realized the basement had flooded. Except on closer inspection he realized it didn’t smell like water, it was wine. Then he noticed it was dripping from the ceiling. So he ran upstairs and threw on the bathroom light and finds the Louis passed out drunk on the floor in a pool of wine. So here’s what happened…After we went to bed, Louis went into the bathroom and pulled the running end out of the top of the siphon. Gravity then took over and caused the siphon to start running again. So, he siphoned 3 1/2 gallons of wine onto the bathroom floor. Since he doesn’t walk well to begin with, he slipped on the wet floor. We don’t know how much of the wine he drank either purposely or by accident, but Tim found him unconscious in the puddle of wine. We know he was there a while because 3 gallons of it has already dripped through the floor. Tim came and got me and I sat with my unconscious rooster for 9 1/2 hours before he came around (I thought he was dead a few times). For hours after he came around, his eyes were still glassy and he had a look on his face like, “omg…I can see noise”


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