We had a Redtail Hawk visit today and he REALLY wanted to get at our Mandarin Ducks. http://youtu.be/qCvt72HbgSg

These two Turkey Gobblers are EXCITED that it’s Black Friday. http://youtu.be/zmfmaMOjA2g Here, Laverne and Shirley the Turkeys talk about Surviving Thanksgiving. http://youtu.be/T4_Y4MVKf10 If you like the videos we are posting, don’t forget to “Subscribe” to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss anything.

Black Friday you say? Not me, I’m staying in bed…

Prefer to watch me make the recipe before you try it yourself? You’re in luck because I took a video when I made it yesterday. Check it out here… http://youtu.be/uJvV3Lro3Wc For the recipe, click here… http://www.roosterhooch.com/my-favorite-recipes/jalapeno-popper-dip/ ‎  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone that has been traveling made it safely to their destinations and that everyone has a wonderful meal with family and friends. Plus, if you haven’t seen Al the Turkey, check him out doing his happy dance that he’s coming to Thanksgiving dinner, but as a guest not an entree… http://youtu.be/fNzKpdQOtCo

I decided that today seemed like a good day to work on a new video and to try a new recipe that I have for hand cream. The video is definitely going to require a second take, and as it turns out, Beewax is not something you casually say “I’m going to grate 5 oz of this” It’s like trying to remove tar with sand paper…

We let Booger and the girls out to have treats in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner. I asked Tim to bring me up a bottle of Spicewine from the wine cellar when he went down to the pantry for a spice that I run out of. When he came back up with the wine he said, “can I have some of this?” I said,”I will make you a deal, you clean up that little poopy and you can have wine”. With that Booger ran toward the poop like his life depended on it and skidded to a halt in front of it. I said, “No Boog, I meant papa could have wine”. He looks up at me like, “please…I can’t drink the rooster hooch again, that sh#t will cluck you up mama.”

Let me start off by saying that I have had chickens for 20 years. I am familiar with most of the odd behaviors that they exhibit, from hens crowing to roosters binge drinking, I think I have probably seen it all. But I am new to Peafowl, so when Big Bird adopted us this year, we of course felt compelled to get him a girlfriend for those chilly winter evenings. The Peahen that I spent more than a few dollars on to say the least is named Priya. She is an India Blue Peahen, so an Indian name sounded befitting. She is a beautiful girls and when we introduced her to Big Bird, they became friends almost instantly. They are currently in a quarantine cage awaiting their winter home and will be built a suitable habitat in the spring. Money and time just did not permit this year. So all […]

If you are like me, you are always trying to find ways to cut costs and find new and interesting uses for things. This Youtube video will show you a way to make inexpensive spice cups for recipe preparation from something you would normally just recycle. http://youtu.be/IU37jbhCXIY  

And so have begun the mornings on the Farmstead here, when the first activity of the morning is to start a fire in the furnace. For anyone that doesn’t already know, we heat the house almost exclusively on wood. We have a wood burning furnace that has an oil burner back up in case we need to be away for a day or two (which hasn’t happened within the reach of my memory).  It takes a lot of work to harvest and split all the wood it takes, and to build and tend the fires, but it’s worth it to be able to be warm and cozy for less that $300 per year when you figure in the cost of the little oil we use and the gas and oil for the machinery we need to get the wood. We estimate that to heat the square footage we have, we […]