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HousepetLogoWant to actually see the birds in the stories? This page is a partial list of the videos we have made of some of the animals on our farm. For more great videos, be sure to check out the Rooster Hooch YouTube Channel. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the new one! Then there is one of my favorite project…the video series I have been working on called Chickens: Not The Ideal House Pet for Everyone!

Al the Turkey does the hat dance in the kitchen

BayBay, a Serama, the world’s tiniest chicken breed, lays an egg on camera for us to see

Finch has a meltdown because I got too close to her spot on the couch

See Waffle the dove dance while we watch Dancing With The Stars

A Redtailed Hawk visited the farm on December 2, 2013

Big Fred shows the hen turkeys trying to invade his space that he means business, even though he is half their size

Buzzy Tries to Fly…Someone should tell her those wings aren’t real…

Louis Takes a Walk. He has mostly recovered from his stroke, but he recently had a set back. This is what happens when he doesn’t see his girls for 3 days

Lacey gets her fluff on…

Laverne and Shirley talk about what it was like to survive Thanksgiving

Watch the turkey gobblers, these guys are cute

Priya the Peahen almost gave me a heart attack when she started displaying like a male! There’s no more room at the Inn for boys!

Get a glimpse of a baby dove only hours old, we call them squirmies

Crazy Cardinal hung around the house all year, the stuff in this video was a daily concurrence.

More Crazy Cardinal…

More from Waffle the Dove, check out her wing trick!

See them enjoy their Mini Chicken Activity Biscuits. Want the Recipe?

Baby Charlie (aka Peanut) at 3 days old

Baby Charlie’s (aka Peanut) first outing

Morgan the HEN crowing!!

Yurtle enjoys a little nip

Chicken Blue in her wheel chair

Chicken Blue enjoying the concert in the park

3 Day old baby peacock Storm displaying like a Big Bird

Big Bird shows off

More Big Bird…

One of our resident Pileated Woodpeckers looks for a snack after an ice storm

Tiny Turtle…what more can I say?


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