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In an effort to make things as easy as possible to find on my site, The following links will take you to Suburban DIY. It is still a Rooster Hooch site, so don’t be alarmed when a new window opens.

Check out some of the interesting things we do to around here. After all Idle hands are the Devil’s play things, so let’s keep busy!

 IMG_3543WP  How about some unique
projects using wine and beer bottles?
 CiderPressing(WP)  Check out the day we tried Cider Pressing
 LavenderSoap-8x10(WP) Handcrafted soaps can be rather costly to buy and if you are like me, you want to save money and have a great product. So once you have decided that handcrafted soaps are something you want to try, head over to our Suburban-DIY site and learn how-to make your own soap.
 IMG_4611WP  How about learning a money saving technique? Check out our page on making your own Laundry Detergent from simple inexpensive ingredients.

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