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The following paragraph is directly off of one of the story boards from my gallery show. Her name is Blue because of the blue coloring in her tail feathers, but she became known to us as Booboo.

I hope you dance…
Blue came to me with a box of rescued hens. I quickly learned that they all had a serious disease. After weeks of heart wrenching treatment, Blue was the only one to survive. Unfortunately, the illness left her horribly crippled. She never walked again and she had to be hand fed for the rest of her life. So, why keep an animal such as this alive? Because Blue was a happy little bird. Her eyes were bright and she flapped her little wings excitedly whenever she saw me. She was never in any pain and she was content to lie on my lap or sit in her little basket beside my desk as I worked. We even built her a little wheelchair so that she could kick and push herself around on the floor.
Her favorite thing to do was attend the free concerts in the park. She sat on my lap and her eyes sparkled with wonder as she watched the crowd. When the music began to play, she would kick her little legs as if she were dancing. My time with her taught me a lot about what is truly important in life.


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  1. Lilly says:

    I love the fact that you made a wheelchair for her but how do you make one?You’re chicken is amazing!

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