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Baybay is indeed one of the Poopy Crew, but as inevitably happens though action or circumstance 4 sisters eventually part ways. Baybay still returns to the main corral to visit her sisters when she can, but she has a family of her own now. Louis has taken her as a wife and they now have 8 beautiful babies. None of them are biologically hers though. Louis, because of his stroke, is unable to perform his husbandly duties. Still Baybay  wanted chicks. So Louis’ brother Clark graciously donated four eggs. All of them hatched, but one of them died before the following morning. Baybay was a happy and devoted mother, but she still seemed to be looking for the fourth chick. As fate would have it, Baybay got the opportunity to step up and help five littles that did not have a mother. Read the story of the adoption process in Baybay’s Babies.

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