What To Do With All Those Eggs??

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So, you have done everything right for you flock. You have made sure that they are getting the right amount of light. You have read all the articles and are doing everything you can to make sure they have the best nutrition. You gave them cozy nest boxes and comfy hay.
Now they have rewarded you with more eggs than you could possibly use…
One option is to sell the surplus, but I have opted out of that because of local regulations.
So I have started a list of recipes that will help out use the girls “contributions” in delicious ways.
The original intent was that this would be a video series, but as videos take time to make, not all of the recipes have an accompanying video yet. If you have an idea for a recipe or are wondering if I have one for something specific that I have not posted yet, please comment and I will let you know What’s Up.
Want to know The Secret to Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs?

 deviledeggs #1 So, lets start off simple. The first recipe is an obvious one. Deviled Eggs. For year I have taken my Deviled Eggs to parties and gotten RAVE review. I was always a little shocked because it is about as simple as a Deviled Egg Recipe could be. So, recipe #1 is Super Simple Deviled Eggs. It is on our DIY site, so don’t be alarmed when you are redirected. Below is a link to the set of cake decorating tips that I use.
 EggieMuffins #2 Are fast food muffins with eggs a guilty pleasure of yours? But you have questions about the quality of the eggs. And you know that there is a healthier alternative to fried eggs. Well, have I got the tip for you. Check out this video on making your own Eggie Muffins at home using a simple Whoopie Pie Pan. http://youtu.be/Cz3BsNdqCDY Below is a link to the pan that I used in the video.
 EggSalad1(Web)(RH) #3 How about a very basic egg salad recipe.It doesn’t have a lot in it, but I get a lot of requests for the recipe! Head on over to Suburban-DIY for details!

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